Gateway Church Geelong is required, as per our Child Protection Policy to enroll all children attending programs that will be unaccompanied by an adult. This is to ensure the safety of your child and the safety of other children attending the programs.

The information provided will remain confidential and used only in accordance with our privacy policy.


Child Details


Medical Information

For us to best meet the needs of this child while in our care, please advise us of the following information:


Emergency Contacts

Persons added here have permission to drop-off/pick up your child



I give permission for this child to;

  • Attend programs held by Gateway Church Geelong at Moolap Station Road and to be transported to and from the programs by bus or car accompanied by at least two adults associated with the programs.
  • Go on occasional excursions to public venues.
  • Be involved in outdoor activities such as bike riding, hiking, sport activities and water activities (swimming).
  • Have sunscreen applied as per Gateway Church Geelong’s Sun Smart Policy.
  • I understand that Gateway Church Geelong is a religious organisation and that the programs may contain religious content and I give permission for my child to attend.
  • If this child is 13 years or older, I give permission for them to be contacted directly by the leaders of the program through phone calls, text messaging and social media in regards to the program. 

Medical Treatment Consent: I being parent/guardian of the said child understand that whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure the good welfare and protection of my child, Gateway Church Geelong, it’s staff and volunteers acting on behalf are hereby released from any and all liability in the event of any accident or misfortune, damage or loss that may occur to the child & their property. In the case of an emergency, I hereby give permission to the First Aid Staff to ensure proper treatment for my child. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me before instituting such procedures. I agree to pay all such doctor, ambulance & hospital fees incurred on behalf of my child. I have attached a list of any health information about my child that the First Aid Staff need to know.

Involvement Consent: I being the parent/guardian of the said child hereby give my consent that my son/daughter may participate in any activities they choose over the course of Gateway Church Geelong, whether it’s games, jumping castle, basketball, bowling etc.

Photography & Video Consent: I being the parent/guardian of the said child hereby give my consent for my son/daughter to be captured in both photographs and video at Gateway Church Geelong. Gateway Church Geelong reserves the right to use this material for promotional purposes. Programs at Gateway Church Geelong may be filmed and/or recorded by or on behalf of Gateway Church Geelong for reproduction and/or resale. It is a condition of entry that each audience waives any claim he or she might have in relation to inclusion of their likeness in such films or recordings.

Supervision Policy: Gateway Church Geelong will provide supervision at parent pick-up point at the venue. No students will be allowed to leave the venue until they are picked up by a parent /guardian. It is an essential term of Gateway Church Geelong registration that where parents will not for any reason collect their child from the supervised parent pick-up point then Gateway Church Geelong, it’s employees, servants and volunteers as organisers of Gateway Church Geelong take no responsibility for any student leaving the supervised site for whatever reason. I understand and agree to be bound by this policy.